Food is organic and 100% natural.


Collected when they reach adulthood.


Prized as a starter or as a main dish.


Milk Snail

“Snails marketed by Biocaracol are raised in the wild and their food is organic and 100% natural. They are only collected when they reach adulthood,”

“based on a family tradition for over 30 years dedicated to the marketing of shellfish, including snails, crayfish and crabs.”

“They are then packaged and transported in appropriate refrigerated vehicles, which allows to reach the ultimate consumer in the shortest time.”

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Biocaracol is a company whose key process is based on storage, packaging and sale of land gastropods and crustaceans. We intend to achieve a significant improvement of our product through a strong focus on differentiation, quality and safety that it can provide to the consumer. We believe that improving our process translates into coveted increased quality, which will be reflected positively in terms of image and reputation of our products. The advantages in terms of image and prestige associated with enhancement and optimization procedures become a very important competitive advantage and could be an asset in relation to the placing of our products in new markets. To achieve our objective will require a commitment to improving our infrastructure support. This bet must, above all, be seen as a real opportunity and comprise an investment in terms of facilities and equipment that will ensure the maintenance of high standards of quality, hygiene and safety. The high standards we aim to achieve are based on two solid pillars:

The Product Safety, understanding as such the production of a food free from any danger, or physical agent, biological or chemical that may jeopardize the consumer.

The quality of the product, understanding as such, the ratio between the satisfaction of the expectation created by the consumption of the product and the existing expectation prior to consumption.